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Image envoyée le 20/05/2020 par <img src="foo"> More than 250,000 customers that had previously ordered beauty products from the website had their personal information made available to the public without Natura’s knowledge. Payment information from 40,000 customers related to a third-party company, Wirecard, was also publicly available for over 2 weeks. The compromised server contained website and mobile site api logs thereby exposing all production server information. The security team at Safety Detectives, currently led by Anurag Sen, discovered a significant data leak including various items of personal information on a 272-gigabyte Amazon-hosted server, located in the US. ( source : https://www.safetydetectives.com/blog/natura-leak-report/ ) covid19 brésil natura amazon elastic cloud data leak fuite données personnelles internet insécurité informatique cyber malveillance
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