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Image envoyée le 20/05/2020 par <img src="foo"> REvil, the ransomware gang claimed on Monday to have sold all its documents related to the president to an unidentified buyer. If the law firm refuses to pay, more documents will emerge. The REvil gang's on its darb web: 05/25/2020 we are preparing to auction Madonna data. The rules are the same: 1. One-handed information 2. Confidentiality of the transaction 3. We delete our copy of the data 4. The buyer has the right to do whatever he sees fit with the data received. Starting price - 1 million dollars. ( source : https://www.businessinsider.com/trump-data-ransomware-grubman-law-firm-madonna-2020-5 ) covid19 revil ransomware grubman avocats piratage vols justice chantage insécurité données intrusion exfiltration attaque informatique cyber malveillance
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