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Image envoyée le 28/05/2020 par <img src="foo"> Qatar : People who do not use the app can face up to 3 years in prison. Last Friday, it became compulsory for people in Qatar to download and use the app, which has been downloaded more than one million times from the Google Play Store alone. But serious security vulnerabilities in Qatar’s mandatory coronavirus contact-tracing app, uncovered by Amnesty International (not a computer security corporate), must act as a wake-up call to other governments to ensure privacy safeguards are central to the roll-out of similar apps. Investigation discovered significant weakness in the configuration of Qatar’s EHTERAZ contact-tracing app, which has been developed by the Ministry of Interior using GPS and Bluetooth technology to track COVID-19 cases. A vulnerability allowed cyber attackers to access highly sensitive personal information, including the name, national ID, health status and location data of more than one million users. Gang of hackers are silently looking at those types of mobile applications. ( source : https://www.amnesty.org.uk/press-releases/qatar-huge-security-weakness-covid-19-contact-tracing-app ) covid19 qatar coronavirus contact-tracing tracking tracing weakness data gps bluetooth vulnerabilities personal information faille vulnérabilité attaque exfiltration internet insécurité informatique cyber numérique application mobile
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