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Image envoyée le 28/05/2020 par <img src="foo"> Security researchers from ESET have discovered new attacks carried out by Turla, one of Russia's most advanced state-sponsored hacking groups. The exact motives of a hacker group will always remain unclear. The new attacks have taken place in January 2020. ESET researchers say the attacks targeted three high-profile entities, such as a national parliament in the Caucasus and two Ministries of Foreign Affairs in Eastern Europe. Targets could not be identified by name due to national security reasons. These intrusions represent the latest entries in a long list of victims, most of which include diplomatic and military entities. This list started in the mid-2000s with the Pentagon and has continued throughout the years with targets in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. The second, and the new one, is the use of Gmail's web interface. Faou says that the latest ComRAT v4 takes over one of the victim's browsers, loads a predefined cookie file, and then initiates a session to the Gmail web dashboard. Here, the malware reads recent emails in the inbox, from where it downloads file attachments, and then reads the instructions contained within the file. ( source : https://www.zdnet.com/article/turla-hacker-group-steals-antivirus-logs-to-see-if-its-malware-was-detected/ ) covid19 turla comrat malware russe cyber espionnage advanced state-sponsored hacking groups gouvernement ministre militaire internet insécurité informatique c2 gmail exfiltration data données renseignement
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