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Image envoyée le 22/07/2020 21 July 2020 - A recent ransomware attack to Europe's largest telecommunications company has stolen company data, which was allegedly being sold on a data leak site. The attack came from the Nefilim ransomware group, which offers Orange's data on its data leak site. The leak was first noted by Bleeping Computer on July 16 2020. Orange confirmed the ransomware attack, which targeted Orange Business Services provides consumer communication and business services. It exposed the data of 20 out of its 266 million customers and 148,000 employees. Orange said it had been targeted overnight between July 4 2020 and 5. The company said its security team has identified "the origin of the attack" as well as initiate all necessary means to ensure its security systems." Nefilim has previously shared similarities to the Nemty 2.5 ransomware, but it was previously noted to spread through RDP and uses AES-128 encryption on a victim's files. In February, the group is also believed to be behind the attack on Toll Group, an Australian logistics provider. AttackIQ Inc. Vice President of Product Mark Bagley said the incident has impacted Orange as well as its customers and employees "whose data have been exposed" due to the attack that leads to a business data breach. ( source : https://www.techtimes.com/articles/251269/20200721/europes-largest-telco-targeted-recent-ransomware-attack-leads-massive-data-breach.htm ) covid19 europe largest telco targeted-recent ransomware attack leads massive databreach insécurité informatique ransomware computing orange networks failure business pro
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