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Image envoyée le 03/08/2020 2gether hacked: €1.2m in cryptocurrency stolen, native tokens offered in exchange. Founded in 2017, 2gether offers a cryptocurrency trading platform within the Eurozone for buying and selling without additional fees. The organization's native coin is the 2GT token, which is -- or, at least, was -- due to be issued during 2020 following a pre-sale in Spain. However, on July 31 2020 at 6.00 pm CEST, the trading platform suffered a cyberattack on its servers. The unknown threat actors reportedly behind the attack made off with €1.183 million in cryptocurrency in investment accounts, which equates to 26.79% of overall funds. ( source : https://www.zdnet.com/article/2gether-crypto-market-platform-hacked-eur1-3m-in-cryptocurrency-stolen/ ) covid19 pandemic hackers servers cyber attacks cryptocurrency insécurité plateform digital numérique informatique trading coins trading tokens funds investment piratage
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