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Image envoyée le 04/08/2020 To obtain a working decryption key, Garmin must have paid the ransom to the attackers. WastedLocker is an enterprise-targeting ransomware with no known weaknesses in their encryption algorithm. This lack of flaws means that a decryptor can not be made for free. It is not known how much was paid, but as previously stated, an employee had told BleepingComputer that the original ransom demand was for $10 million U.S. Garmin's script contains a timestamp of '07/25/2020', which indicates that the ransom was paid either on July 24th 2020 or July 25th 2020. The decryptor enclosed in the package includes references to both cybersecurity firm Emsisoft and ransomware negotiation service firm Coveware. When BleepingComputer reached out to Coveware, we were told that they do not comment on any ransomware incidents reported in the media. In a similar response, Emsisoft told us that they could not comment on any cases, but that they create decryption tools and are not involved in ransom payments. Emsisoft commonly makes custom ransomware decryptors when the tools supplied by the threat actors are buggy or if companies are concerned that they may contain backdoors. "If the ransom has been paid but the attacker-provided decryptor is slow or faulty, we can extract the decryption code and create a custom-built solution that decrypts up to 50 percent faster with less risk of data damage or loss," Emsisoft's ransomware recovery services page states. As Evil Corp has been attributed as the creator of WastedLocker and was placed on the US sanctions list for using Dridex to cause more than $100 million in financial damages, paying this ransomware could lead to hefty fines from the government. Due to these sanctions, sources familiar with Coveware have told BleepingComputer that the negotiation company has placed WastedLocker on their restricted list in early July, and are not handling negotiations for related attacks. Garmin has not responded to our queries at this time. ( source : https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/confirmed-garmin-received-decryptor-for-wastedlocker-ransomware/ ) covid19 usa ransomware wastedlocker garmin garmin evil corp coveware emsisoft wastedlocker backdoors financial millions ransom money owned darknet payment secrets services darweb decryptor cyber blue operations
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