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Image envoyée le 28/08/2020 According to a statement issued by the university, it paid $457,059.24 to an “unknown entity” that hacked the College of Social and Behavioral Science servers on July 19, 2020 rendering them “temporarily inaccessible.” The cyber criminals encrypted about 0.02% of the data stored there before the U.‘s Information Security Office detected the attack. The university did not specify the threat, but ransomware attacks involve criminal groups that hack into and steal data; encrypt it so that its owners cannot access it; and demand payment to release the data — often threatening to release sensitive information if their demands are not met. ( source : https://www.sltrib.com/news/2020/08/21/university-utah-pays-more/ ) covid19 usa university utah ransom staff payment money ransomware darkweb extortion education darknet the salt lake tribune rgpd pandemic faculty
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