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Image envoyée le 21/09/2020 Brazilian arrested for production and global distribution of child sexual abuse material. The 50-year old man is suspected of creating and maintaining one of the Darknet’s largest Portuguese-language child sexual abuse forums. "Child sexual exploitation is one of the most serious crimes faced by the global law enforcement community, and only through hard police work and effective international cooperation can we fulfill our responsibility to protect our children." "These cases can sometimes take years to uncover, but we never give up. Thanks to the dedication of specialized investigators around the world, we eventually catch up with offenders who abuse children, and re-victimize them when sharing the images online." ( source : https://www.interpol.int/News-and-Events/News/2020/Brazilian-arrested-for-production-and-global-distribution-of-child-sexual-abuse-material ) | ( source : https://www.interpol.int/content/download/15611/file/COVID-19%20%20LES%20MENACES%20ET%20LES%20TENDANCES%20EN%20MATIERE%20DEXPLOITATION%20SEXUELLE%20DES%20ENFANTS%20ET%20DABUS%20PEDOSEXUELS.pdf?inLanguage=fre-FR ) covid19 brazil brésil porn child distribution darkweb interpol internet insécurité informatique réseaux darknet children abus pedosexuels kids sexual abuse peer-to-peer p2p pandemic pandémie coronavirus
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